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      SHANDONGTIANBAO History and milestones

      On March 27, 1996, Fada Building Materials Distribution Office was established, location: No. 81 Qingzhou North Road; members: Zhang Chuanfa, Lan Aizhi, Liu Guangjun; in April, cooperated with Qinggang to operate wire rods and opened agency and marketing mode
      On May 1, 1998, the first cold-drawn ribbed workshop was established, and the processing and distribution mode was opened.
      In 1999, the annual sales of wire rod reached 220,000 tons, ranking first in the province
      On February 19, 2002, the first annual meeting was held, which has continued to this day. In April, cooperated with Xing Steel to operate Pansnails for the first time; in May, it was renamed as Qingzhou Tianxiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
      In January 2003, the first share reform established Tianbao’s incentive model
      In April 2004, it moved to No. 798 Beihuan Road and created the first steel supermarket model. In October, a third-grade steel promotion meeting was held to make a major contribution to the national promotion and popularization of third-grade steel
      In January 2005, the ERP system was launched, and Tianbao began its informatization. In August, it was renamed Shandong Tianbao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
      In May 2006, cooperated with Tiangang to develop industrial round steel for the first time

      On April 3, 2007, Gangtian Logistics held a groundbreaking ceremony. On December 24, the first dedicated transport line was completed and opened to traffic.
      In July 2008, it cooperated with Luli Steel Plant in logistics and operated in the third-party logistics mode. The sales volume of snails reached 640,000 tons that year, and there were 10 snails processing and distribution centers, ranking first in China.
      In 2010, the annual sales of steel products exceeded 1 million tons;
      In May 2011, Shandong Governor Jiang Daming inspected in person, Gangtian became an emergency coal reserve base in Shandong Province; that year, it achieved a tax payment of over 24 million yuan, and Gangtian logistics cargo throughput was 9.37 million tons, making it the largest railway freight yard in Shandong Province; 12 Won the first place in "China's Top 100 Round Steel Traders"
      In January 2012, Tianli building materials processing and distribution center was established, and Tianbao board processing and distribution center was established in March; Tianhui logistics company was established in April, opening the way for third-party automobile logistics

      In January 2013, Tianzhi International was established in Qingdao, and the futures, e-commerce, import and export business began.
      In 2014, Chairman Zhang Chuanfa made a sharing speech at the Qingdao Sino-Japanese Enterprise Exchange Conference of Kazuo Inamori’s Seven Principles of Accounting; In September, Gangtian Logistics was officially approved as a national 5A-level warehousing logistics enterprise; in October, the company’s historical and cultural exhibition hall was upgraded to Tianbao Business Philosophy Exhibition Hall; annual steel sales exceeded 3 million tons
      In 2015, Chairman Zhang Chuanfa made a sharing speech at Kazuo Inamori's Shanghai report, and was evaluated by Mr. Cao Xiuyun as "all dry goods"; on August 28, the first Luxinou (Qingzhou) international train to Central Asia Issued from Gangtian Logistics Park; on October 27th, the 2015 Customer Talks and Qingzhou E-commerce Pioneer Park opening ceremony and fast steel launch conference were successfully held; on November 12th, Shandong Tianbao and China Metallurgical News signed a strategic cooperation agreement
      On February 24, 2016, Fast Steel Network co-organized the 2016 First Special Steel Market Early Warning Seminar hosted by China Special Steel Enterprises Association; on May 31, Jinan Railway Bureau, Shandong Provincial Railway Bureau, Qingdao Port The first launch ceremony of the "Luzhong-Qingdao" round-trip train jointly opened by the Group, COSCO Group and Gangtian Logistics was grandly held in Gangtian Logistics. On June 30, Jinan Customs approved Gangtian Logistics to build a railway station under customs supervision. This is the first inter-strategic customs supervision station in Weifang and even Shandong Province; in October, Shandong Tianbao 2016 Customer Talks and Tianbao’s 20th Anniversary Celebration was held;
      In February 2017, Shandong Tianbao undertook the China Premium Special Steel Early Warning Seminar; in March, Shandong Tianbao undertook the first “Belt and Road Multimodal Transport” logistics summit forum in Shandong Province; in May, Shandong Tianbao successively hosted the steel ball industry development exchange meeting, East China Hardware Tool Industry Development Summit Forum; In July, Shandong Tianbao successively organized the Shandong Rigging and Anchor Chain Industry Exchange Conference and the National Steel Pipe Industry Development Exchange Conference. In August, the opening ceremony of the Qingzhou International Dry Port Supervision Station was successfully held at the Gangtian Logistics Center; in October, the Qingzhou International Dry Port Multimodal Transport Project for Rail, Water, and Water Containers was selected as the Shandong Multimodal Transport Demonstration Project; 2017, the annual steel sales Break through 4 million tons.

      On June 27, 2018, Chairman Zhang Chuanfa was elected as the co-chairman of the Special Steel Special Committee; in October, Shandong Tianbao was rated as a 3A Integrity Enterprise of China Finance Association; a management rating of 5A enterprise, and one of the top ten steel sales in 2018 Enterprise; sales of 5.44 million tons in 2018, turnover of 22 billion, a record high;
      On July 20, 2019, the opening ceremony of the eastbound train and sea-rail train was launched. Qingdao Port Weifang (Qingzhou) Inland Port was launched. At that time, he served as Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Hui Xin'an and other major leaders, and Director of the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee Zhu Lijun, Commercial Director Wang Fu, Ju Liqiang, Wang Wanxin, Wang Haihua, Qingdao Port Group Party Secretary and Chairman Li Fengli, Qingdao International Co., Ltd. Party Committee Member Li Wucheng, Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd. Production Department Zhang Bie Lixue, Qingdao Port Group Party Committee Office Director Wei attended the ceremony; Shandong Tianbao paid 55.6 million yuan in taxes in 2019, a record high; and ranked 65th among the top 100 Shandong private enterprises in 2019.
      In 2020, Chairman Zhang Chuanfa proposed the 199", "12360" and "152273 strategies; 2020 was listed as the first year of the financial reporting period of Shandong Tianbao's listing, and Shandong Tianbao's steel trading business began to transform into Tianbao trading.
      In 2021, Chairman Zhang Chuanfa, after in-depth thinking on the business philosophy of happy employees proposed in 2014, put forward new concepts, missions and visions, namely three firmness: to firmly pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all employees, while serving humanity and society. Contribute to the progress and development of the company; firmly meet the individual needs of customers and lead the development and changes of the market; firmly cultivate the bulk logistics and supply chain, and build a benchmark enterprise for saving money; in 2021, the company will begin to build a "one body and two wings" operation, that is, to " "Xintianbao Smart Supply Chain" is the main body, and Tianbao trade, production and processing are the two-wing business model.

      Shandong Tianbao

      With Lingyun aspirations in mind, nothing is unattainable






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